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Collaborative Engineering
Collaborative Engineering

Our engineers have decades of experience manufacturing parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. No matter the material, part, or process, we have the technical expertise to guide the upfront conversations that lead to product improvements and exceptional manufacturing outcomes.

Our engineers take every opportunity to shorten your cycle times, minimize risk and maximize ROI. With more than 200+ years of combined manufacturing experience, we’re ready and able to collaborate from design to finished product.

Our engineering services include:

  • Design for Excellence (DFX) – X is a variable that can have one of many possible values, including manufacturability, cost, time assembly, logistics, and more
  • 3D design concepting and additive manufacturing
  • CAD/CAM powered product development and reverse engineering
  • Sheet metal and injection molding tool design and build
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD+T)
  • Prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Continuous process improvements

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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & Stamping
Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & Stamping

We combine our state-of-the-art equipment and diverse range of materials to deliver higher tolerances, repeatable precision, and dependable on-time delivery for the most complex, medium-to-high volume demand. We’re continuously adding to our portfolio of 600+ machines and integrated technologies.

Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities include:

  • Sheet metal cutting, punching, and bending using lasers, turrets, press brakes, and panel bending equipment
  • Sheet metal stamping from 30 to 300 tons
  • Common materials include aluminum, stainless steel, copper alloys, and precoated
  • State of the art automations and robotics increase efficiency and quality

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Advanced CNC Machining
Advanced CNC Machining

Our 100% commitment to creating customer success means Cadrex has invested in some of the industry’s most powerful automation for precision CNC machining, from integrated robotic cells to 100-plus vertical, horizontal, and 5-Axis machining solutions.

Our climate-controlled, 24/7 lights-out capabilities can accommodate project runs of all sizes with a specialty in medium-to-high volume production — even on short lead times.

Our precision machining capabilities include:

  • Flexible machining systems for high-mix components
  • Dedicated machines and pallet systems for component families
  • CNC milling equipped to prototype and model materials such as metal or plastic
  • CNC turning for high-volume prototypes, spacers, shafts or bushings below 2.5″
  • Fully-equipped tool room with milling, lathe, grinding, shearing and more

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Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Molding

With 50 years of injection molding expertise, our talented engineers and manufacturing team work with our customers to mitigate product design issues and costs during the design and NPI process. Our experience tackling complex product design, temperamental specialty materials, and intricate tool builds (that might include slides, actions, and lifters) makes us an ideal partner for your next program.

Our plastic injection molding capabilities include:

  • 33 presses ranging in tonnage from 28-720 tons
  • Standard and engineering-grade resins
  • Plastic and metal overmolding
  • Insert molding
  • Structural foam molding
  • Post mold machining
  • Pick and place automations and robotic operators increase efficiency and quality

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Mechanical Assembly
Mechanical Assembly

We work closely with our customers to understand the whole scope of the project. Whether you need a simple assembly or complex integration, our goal is to make sure all pieces come together in tolerance and without delay. Our dedicated assembly cells and customized workflow ensure safe ergonomics for our team and achieve the highest efficiencies possible.

Our mechanical assembly capabilities include:

  • Manual and robotic assembly of system components, modules, and subsystems
  • Hardware insertion, riveting, and welding
  • Heat staking and part bonding
  • Seal and gasket installation

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The Cadrex welding team has over 50 years of diverse welding experience (including heli-arc, short and spray-arc), which is why we’re one of the leading suppliers for critical industries such as Defense and Warehouse Automation.

When precision matters, mission-critical manufacturers turn to Cadrex for the highest quality welds, on time, every time. Combined with our high-precision machining, we are fully equipped to add value at every step of product development.

Our precision welding capabilities include:

  • In-house certified welders and Level 2 NDT inspection personnel
  • Expertise in MIG welding, TIG welding, GTAW welding, GMAW welding
  • High-performance robotic welding cells, plasma cutters, and pulse welders
  • Stainless and aluminum welding, as well as brazing for copper and zinc alloys

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Painting & Finishing
Painting & Finishing

Cadrex provides full finishing and coating services to support our high-precision sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection molding, and machining solutions. We are consistently selected as a best-in-class partner for outstanding finishing results, cosmetics, and extra durability.

Whether it’s sanding and deburring to remove surface imperfections or painting to improve exposure to outdoor elements, we can meet a wide variety of part finishing requirements to ensure they’re ready for assembly and shipping.

Our automated and manual finishing solutions include:

  • Three-stage pre-wash system
  • Powder paint line and batch powder booths and ovens
  • Pad printing, silk screening, and label transfers
  • Conductive coating (EMI/RFI)
  • A-coating, and E-coating
  • Electroplating and electroless plating
  • Chemical film and chromate conversion

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Electromechanical Integration
Electromechanical Integration

Our teams have experience with every level of integration from light assemblies to complex, turnkey electromechanical assemblies with many moving parts.

Our ISO 9001 and FMA-certified facilities, highly-skilled technicians, and advanced testing laboratories deliver defect-free results for some of our nation’s most essential industries.

Our electromechanical assembly and testing centers stand ready to:

  • Meet your thermal production and TUV/UL/CSA certification standards
  • Build to your BOM and print requirements
  • Integrate fully functional tested plug-in units, RF-modules, processing units, power supplies, and power distribution
  • Integrate plastic and metal components
  • Offer ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection for critical electronics components

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Inspection & Testing
Inspection & Testing

We deliver innovative solutions for inspection and testing focused on meeting our customers’ stringent requirements. Our unparalleled dedication to quality is why essential industries choose us as their best-in-class partner.

Our inspection & testing capabilities include:

  • 6,500-square-foot, climate-controlled quality assurance lab
  • State-of-the-art metrology inspection facility
  • Detection of any nitrogen, hydrostatic, or helium leaks via pressure testing
  • Hipot (high potential) and ground continuity testing
  • 19 coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • Industrial X-ray and CT scanning
  • Structured light and laser scanning
  • 2D vision services with high magnification
  • Advanced optical hand measurement tools

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