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Cadrex is a leading North American manufacturing partner for the industries most essential to our world today. Collectively, we’ve spent decades exceeding quality, precision, and delivery requirements while gaining valuable specialized knowledge in these critical sectors. We use a collaborative and innovative approach to create manufacturing solutions that solve our customers’ most complex manufacturing problems.

Aerospace & Defense

We understand you take great pride in being able to deliver mission-critical solutions to our nation’s military. That’s why defense contractors have counted on Cadrex for over 50 years to deliver quality, so they can devote their resources to those who serve.

Markets Served:

Naval Weapon Systems
Programs: VLS, TIH, Sentinel, MK41, MK21

Part Types: Weldments, Center Posts, Corner Posts, Assemblies, I/O panels, Chassis Assemblies, Cover Assemblies, Heatsinks, Panel Assemblies, Skin Kits, Ablative Kits

Radar Systems
Programs: LRDR, USN

Part Types: Panel Assemblies, Panels, Razorbacks, Waterfalls

Military Vehicles
Programs: HIMARS, TPQ 53

Part Types: Cover Assemblies

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Experience working with the top military and defense contractors for the United States Military
  • Encrypted documentation and confidentiality practices in place with staff trained in ITAR
  • Advanced automation and precision equipment allow for fast deployment without sacrificing quality

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO AS9100D ITAR Registered
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Information Communication Technology

The Cadrex platform has been serving companies within the Information Communication Technology sector for decades. Our engineers have deep knowledge building solutions for some of the most innovative companies leading the field in the 21st century. Our experience navigating quick design cycles and helping customers scale product quickly is critical to success in these dynamic markets.

Markets Served:

Data Center Infrastructure
Custom Sheet Metal Racks, Cabinets, Enclosures, Chassis Cooling Systems

Network, Computer & Storage
Shelves, Trays, Server Chassis, Power Units, Switches, Line Cards, Fabric Cards

Fiber & 5G
Splice Boxes, Enclosures, Panels, Fiber to Data Center Solutions

Electronics & Semiconductors
Vacuum Chambers, Silicon Wafer Handling

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Engineering expertise serving Fortune 500 companies within the ICT sector
  • Integration and testing capabilities with advanced quality control
  • State-of-the-art automation and robotics allow quick scaling with product revisions and next generations

Information Communication Technology Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 17025 TUV Certfied
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Energy Production & Distribution

We’ve spent decades navigating the energy industry’s toughest power generation and delivery needs, from complex manufacturing requirements and tight tolerances to supply chain management. Our team is equipped to support the introduction of new and sustainable technologies into the energy sector through end-to-end product support.

Markets Served:

Electrical Transmission & Distribution 
Pole Mounted Component Frames, Pad Mounted and Switchgear Enclosures, Communication and Control Units

Renewable Energy Storage
Home Battery Enclosures, Industrial Energy Storage, Solar Components

EV Charging Stations
Consumer Enclosures, Plastic & Metal Integration

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Specialized industry knowledge in energy distribution, energy storage, renewable energy solutions
  • Sourcing for uncommon high-heat materials (e.g., 10-330 stainless steel), from steel to alloys
  • Material and component testing at on-site precision inspection labs

Energy Manufacturing Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 17025 ITAR Registered
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Food Production & Agriculture

Cadrex is a choice partner within the food industry for FDA-registered manufacturing solution that ensure products and services are meeting stringent federal requirements.

Markets Served:

Food Processing Equipment
Food Grade Transfer Carts, Sheets for Conveyors, Air Filtration Networks as Sub-Assemblies

Agricultural Machinery
Tractor Fenders and Components

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Specialized solutions and testing including the recreation of material damage solutions

Food & Agriculture Manufacturing Certifications

FDA Certified ISO 9001:2015
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In medical contract manufacturing, details can be the difference between life and death. Cadrex takes that attention to detail as seriously as you do, from prototyping concepts through verification to exceeding your most complex requirements.

Our processes surgically focus on quality control and verification, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in every medical product we manufacture. We do this by investing in the engineering talent and automation to deliver exacting precision, every time.

Markets Served:

Medical Equipment
PET/CT Scanners, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment, Medical Device Components

Medical Supplies
Surgical Instruments, Emergency Kit Elements, Animal Care Products

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Specialized experience or equipment that makes us a choice partner for medical manufacturing.
  • Experience engineering and producing both metal and plastic parts for companies in the medical sector
  • Specialized verification/validation protocols to ensure high-quality standards for the medical industry

Medical Manufacturing Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485:2016 ISO 17025
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Material Handling

Innovation and technology are at the heart of our manufacturing solutions that help you maintain your competitive advantage in the material handling industry. Our experienced engineers collaborate with material handling companies to create manufacturing solutions for products that increase sorting efficiency across the vast amount of daily inventory passing through their warehouses.

Markets Served:

Warehouse Automation
Electronics Enclosures

Industrial Robotics
Autonomous Robot Components, Complete Robotic Assemblies

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Experience working with leading online retailer fulfillment solutions
  • Full integration and electromechanical testing capabilities
  • Industrial metrology inspection and quality control services

Material Handling Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 17025
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Gaming & Kiosk

Gaming cabinet assemblies are critical to your game performance. Cadrex has the specialized industry knowledge to provide customers with intelligent game cabinet designs that provide the ultimate customer experience. Our ability to produce high-volume manufactured solutions is unmatched.

Markets Served:

Gaming Products

Elite Brand Slot Cabinet Assemblies, OEM Slot Cabinet Builds, Electro-mechanical Sub-assemblies and Fabricated Components

Self-Serve Kiosk
Free-Standing, Wall-Mount and Countertop Digital Kiosks and Enclosures for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Why Choose Cadrex:

  • Advanced assembly, cosmetics, and integration capabilities

Gaming & Kiosk Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
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